Car Valet

Car valeting services on the Wirral

car valeting service

Pristineclean123 Ltd has over 3 years of experience in car valeting and detailing. We can do it all. Our services are available to customers on the Wirral and Chester areas.

£25 Full Valet!! 

What’s involved?

Interior Clean

1) Full Inside Hoover

2) Dashboard and all surfaces & windows cleaned

3) Seats & sills cleaned with general cleaning agent

4) Full boot hoover (unless declined) 

Exterior Clean 

5) Full Car Jet wash

6) Wheels/alloys sprayed and brushed

7) Full car sprayed with car foam & sponged down

8) Full car rinse (removing all foam)

9) Full Car wiped down and fully dried with fibre cloths, including inside of the doors

10) Spray And Shine applied and rubbed in a panel at a time        (Polish Agent) 

2 hours minimum required

Our T&Cs

Weather :  Yes sadly the weather unfortunately can cause us to postpone or cancel a booking. (we will always try to book a different date first.) 

Requirements: Due to current facilities we do require an outside tap and power supply to carry out our valet. Everything else is provided by us.

Driveway/Car park: Having enough space to carry out the valet is essential. If you cannot provide the following unfortunately we cannot help you at this time. But GOOD news! we can confirm we do aim to improve our facilities in the near future. 

What else do we cover?

  • Interior valets
  • Exterior valets
  • Motorhomes
  • Campervans
  • Ask and find out more.